Who I am? What do I do?

I’m Derrick Yoong a young design entrepreneur running a digital design agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. So why I decided to start writing is very simple, I think writing blog is a good medium for me to document the process and journey of how I run my design agency. 

I started my design agency Milk Creative when I was 23, around Christmas season back in 2017. I started with my project manager back in the previous agency I was working in. I thought we share the same goals and thoughts so shouldn’t have any problem to run a design agency together.  (that is what I thought back in the days) #FirstMistake. 

We started our agency with our first confirmed project and we are generous enough to offer a 50% off to our first client who is also our friend. #SecondMistake. When the company only have both of us, I am the only designer, he is the only developer, then we started to spark some disagreement and conflict when it comes to deadline and work efficiency. After three months, he decided to left and look for a full-time job. 

I was so lost and confused, almost to give up as I am not confident and capable of running the whole thing myself. Thank God that I met Adrian who is now my partner from a different company which is focused on web and mobile applications development. We are a partner and we are not, it’s very complicated every time I try to explain this to new people that I met. Basically now we have rented our own office space, we share the office, we share the team, and we share all the bills but we both have our own company, all design work and invoice will be from me, and all the development work and invoice will be from him. (That’s how we work) 

I have been running this agency close to two years, and I have to say that I do not regret to run this and I’ve gained so much experience, earned so much lesson and despite had been making so many mistakes. Assuming that everyone gained through making mistakes, so am I. 

In my next post, I will be talking about the latest and biggest mistake that I’ve made, also the main reason why I am starting this blog too. 

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